Week in Review – November 26-30, 2018

Week in Review – November 26-30, 2018

Hey everybody!  How was your week?  Ours was crazy because WordPress is stupid.  Here are a few things I hope you’ll take away from this post:

  • WordPress is dumb.
  • Change is hard.
  • I’m a writer, not a coder.

Okay, forgive my ranting.  But for real…phew!  I had just started getting comfortable using WordPress in its previous iteration, and now I’m trying not to drown in their new (irritating) format.  Okay…I’m done.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled Week in Review.  Our school week was  productive with some really enjoyable moments.  Here are a few things I hope you’ll take a way from this post, for real this time:

  • Respecting our children’s growth in different areas requires custom-tailoring their education.
  • Helping our kids gain self-awareness at an early ages gives them the ability to speak up for what they need in order to learn.
  • When the home educator is excited, it can light a spark in the kiddos.

MONDAY — Mom school day —  Today was a productive blend of learning together and working separately.  We had a relaxed start to the day, but accomplished much.  Breakfast, blankets and books is how most Mom school days start out in the cooler months.  When it’s still dark at 7:45 a.m., It’s hard for me to motivate myself to do anything fast, y’know?

We covered our regular subjects — Burgess Animals, George Washington’s World, skipping poetry for today.  (I really just wasn’t feeling it today.)  Today we used GWW for narration.  Seeing as we’ve finished our previous narration book, I’ve switched to this one.  But, I’m finding it works better to separate narration from practice reading aloud for Man Cub.  So, today he read aloud to Tiny Tyrant and I from his current read, Nick and Tesla’s Secret Agent Gadget Battle

I also spent some time reading to Tiny Tyrant from her current favorite storybook, James Herriot. After I’d read to her for a while, I asked her to sound out some words for me.  This was met with much eye-rolling, full-body collapses, and heavy sighs.  What can I say?  She’s in the throes of turning five and with that comes a new emotional level.  Have you noticed how when kids are going through a growth spurt in one area (physical, mental or emotional) the others seem to backslide?  They really can only handle one area at a time effectively.  So, I’m tailoring her reading to her emotional state right now.  We’re moving slowly on the reading at the moment.  However, she’s groovin’ with math and drawing and asking all the questions.  I’ll just have to be patient.

After a good long stretch outside in the icky weather (while I was doing dishes and folding laundry), they came back in for cocoa and audiobooks.  We listened to Kidnapped while I continued with housework nearby.  The quiet time to refresh and regroup went over well for all of us.

Lately, Man Cub has been using his free time to build creative things from random fasteners.  He was given a kit by a friend from which you’re supposed to be able to build some kind of animal.  It’s missing pieces, however.  This hasn’t stopped Man Cub, though.  He’s been building me little abstract renditions of different animals out of his remaining pieces.  This makes me so insanely happy!  He’s being creative, solving problems, and constructing some genuinely cool little creations.  I love that homeschooling makes it easy to give kids time to explore on their own.

TUESDAY — Dad school day —  They managed to cover everything that was scheduled for today, despite some extremely squirrely kids.   Tim did a great job of getting the kids interested in some fairly tricky abstract concepts, which was awesome.  If you haven’t yet, check out his After Action Report and see what I’m talking about. 

WEDNESDAY — Mom school day —  Our morning started out with an “Oh shoot, we’ve got to get to the dry cleaner NOW!” moment.  But, no worries, we listened to Kidnapped on the drive, which actually proved to be a nice start to the day.  We were back home real quick and got down to business.

We have a special event on Saturday for worship, plus out-of-town guests coming over Sunday morning for a visit, so the kids and I are fitting prep work into our school days this week.  Man Cub and Tiny Tyrant helped me get some things together for the weekend, and then we shifted to cozy reading time.

We started with some fun math today.  Tiny Tyrant worked on doing some story problems with +-<>= using glass beads as manipulatives.  She loves this for some reason, so she was in a good mood about that.  Plus, she worked on writing numbers on her chalkboard easel.  Meanwhile, Man Cub was working on some subtraction problems in his Comic Book Math.  Working alone is not his strong suit, but he had a good attitude about it.  When I finished with Tiny Tyrant she was excused for some play while I sat quietly keeping Man Cub company.  He didn’t even need help, just my presence.  He recognized this and thought it was odd that he did so much better when I was there.  Go self-awareness.

While Man Cub colored in one of his math pages just for fun, Tiny and I read a few pages from our Michelangelo book which she’s been groovin’ on lately.  Then Man Cub did some narration from George Washington’s World, read aloud to us from Nick and Tesla, and we all enjoyed looking at this month’s Letter From Afar.  We read a bit about La Tierra del Fuego and watched videos of the charango, a type of guitar from that region.  It was a fun end to the school day.

All this was done by lunch.  I had the afternoon for struggling along with WordPress, the kids played both inside and out and had chill time.  Not too shabby.

THURSDAY — Dad school day — Tim and the kids accomplished everything that was scheduled for today, and all were in a good mood at the end of school.  Nice!  It was actually a really cool school day.  Tim wrote it up this afternoon, even sharing a video of how they explored the math of music.  If you have time, you should totally check it out.

FRIDAY — Mom school day — There was no actual school today.  We’re preparing for a very busy weekend and had tons of errands and housework to get done.  Man Cub did a great job of working both hard and smart today, which pleased me greatly.  I love when I seem him buckling down to take care of business.  I’m all for play for kids…but I’m also all for teaching them how to work hard with a decent attitude. 

We’re looking forward to a weekend of worship and friends and fun.

So, that was what our week looked like:

What about you?  Did you notice the things I mentioned at the beginning of this post? 

  • Respecting our children’s growth in different areas requires custom-tailoring their education.
  • Helping our kids gain self-awareness at an early ages gives them the ability to speak up for what they need in order to learn.
  • When the home educator is excited, it can light a spark in the kiddos.

Being aware of when our children are having a growth spurt (physically, mentally or emotionally) gives us the information we need to make educational choices that respect their growth.  When kids understand how they feel in different circumstances, they can speak up and ask for help.  This gives them a feeling of control.  If you’re excited about a subject it’ll show!  Kids love to see their parents genuinely excited about something.

I hope you have a great weekend!


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