Week in Review — February 04-08, 2019

Week in Review — February 04-08, 2019

Hey everybody!  How was your week?  Ours was full of little moments to celebrate and productive work.           

Here are a few things I hope you’ll take away from this post:

  • Celebrating simple things keeps us positive about our homeschools and our lives.
  • You can successfully homeschool while dealing with depression.
  • Homeschool success is all about your mindset.

MONDAY — Mom school day — The kids and I had a nice, slow start to the morning. When I was having my alone time with Tiny Tyrant this morning, I confess I got distracted from her reading by her reading. I’m blown away by the progress she’s made since the beginning of January. She’s always loved being read to and wanted to know how to read, but she got easily overwhelmed by her inability and therefore had a negative attitude towards herself and the act of reading.

I have The 31 Day Read Aloud Challenge to thank for the shift in attitude and ability I’m seeing right now. Tiny was given a reason to care that was stronger than her negative feelings. And the result is a little girl who takes pride in her reading and is now driving me crazy because she’s stealing my books so she can read subheadings! Not gonna lie — I teared up thinking about it. I am such a woman! 🙂

We also had a great time using one of my recent finds — now one of My Favorite Things — for music appreciation. It’s so helpful and fun I want to share it with you all. I finally made the time to write up how we use this free resource so you can check out this engaging resource too. Check back here on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 to read all about it.

Between the two kids, we covered 15 subjects today, got housework done together and got caught in the rain during our walk. An all around interesting and productive school day. To top it all off, Rookie Woman made an absolutely scrumptious (and I do not use that word lightly!) roast chicken dinner. The girl has got this meal down! Which reminds me, no child of mine will leave this house not knowing how to make a solid, simple, delicious chicken dinner! Homeschool standards…ha!

TUESDAY — Dad school day — Tim and I confer with decent frequency on how his school days are going. I want him to be comfortable with the format of his school days so that he can bring the best of himself to the table for the kids. We talked yesterday about how his curriculum is going and the good news is that it’s mostly good! So, I’m not changing too much in his daily routine.

Today Tim and the kids had another solid day planned. And from the sound of his After Action Report, he had another good day. It’s always nice when you get two good days in a row, isn’t it?! As if two good days in a row isn’t reason for a mini-celebration, the fun the kids had with coding today certainly was!

I leave the house on Tuesday mornings to write. Today Tim sent me this video (which is now on YouTube) of the kids’ experience coding with the BeeBotThat totally made me stop working and smile. The kids were having a blast learning something that Tim enjoys. These are the kinds of little moments we’ve got to recognize and celebrate as homeschool parents. These are the simple moments that highlight why teaching our kids is such a privilege and worthwhile endeavor. Just think of what we’d miss out on if they weren’t learning with us!

WEDNESDAY — Mom school day — Man, was I feeling rough today. I’ve dealt with depression/anxiety for 20+ years now. For the most part, I’m okay. Tim and I learned (the hard way) in the first couple of years of marriage how to help me function as healthily and happily as possible, and it’s been getting better ever since. I’m sharing this so that any of you out there who worry about being able to effectively homeschool while dealing with depression will take heart.

At this point in my life, I’m able to recognize when I’m getting mentally and emotionally run down and take steps towards self-care. If I do this, I stay mostly ahead of the depression. Today was one of those days where I needed to take care of me.

I slept in big time, not even getting out of bed until 8:30. Our school morning was definitely low-key. We still got in plenty of reading, some math and music appreciation too. But I also bundles some activities together, seeing as I knew I was going to need rest. We listened to This Country of Ours on Librivox while I did dishes in the kitchen. I turned dinner prep into a wonderful session of serendipitous learning.

We worked together in the kitchen covering knife skills, measuring, organizing our work space, cooking times, the change in flavor in texture that happens when we add heat, how acid affects flavors, how fat carries flavors…all kinds of great conversations and skills practice. And in the end, dinner was 100% prepped before lunchtime. This meant that I could rest for the afternoon guilt-free.

I literally spent the afternoon in bed. I wasn’t even sleeping, but my body needed rest and my mind needed comfort. I worked from bed, talked to the kids from bed and conferred with Tim from bed. It was desperately needed and much appreciated. Tomorrow will be better for it.

THURSDAY — Dad school day — Today was full of ups an downs. Tiny Tyrant woke up vomiting, Tim overslept, and the power went out for the afternoon. On the up side, Tim and the kids handled their scheduled schoolwork, and things seemed to go well, just a bit behind schedule. The power came on after just a few hours, which was nice, and Tim fixed the washing machine (my hero!). So really, there was plenty of up to balance the down today.

If you haven’t yet read Tim’s After Action Report for today, it is totally worth the few minutes it takes to read it! Now that he’s been homeschooling for six months, I asked him to stop and compare his experience now to that of when he first started. The resulting post is incredibly heartening for those of you who struggle with the urge to “push through” rough patches with your kids.

Tim is a no-nonsense, black and white kind of guy struggling to learn and live in the multi-colored, unpredictable world of homeschooling our kids. It’s been a learning experience for all of us. Please do check it out.

FRIDAY — Mom school day — Today was very much an unschooling kind of day. I’m preparing to leave for the Wild + Free conference in Frisco, TX next week. I’m preparing lists of things to take away from the conference, getting things ready so that Tim and the kids have as smooth an experience without me at home as possible, and trying to get ahead of the game so that Our Habitat Home can still be bringing you value while I’m away. I feel like Prince Humperdink…

So, today I needed to get some things besides homeschooling done. Learning was a mobile affair today, as we covered handwriting and reading while running errands. Tim also took the kids to the library, so I had a couple of hours alone to get some work done. Glorious silence in my home!

This is all fine with me, seeing as we shoot for four days per week of structured learning, not five. We had a nice, simple family dinner that the kids helped make and spent the evening relaxing together. I’ll take that!

So, that was what our week looked like:  It was full of little moments to celebrate and productive work. Despite the fact that I was feeling less than stellar, I’m genuinely pleased with the week overall.

What about you?  Did you notice the things I mentioned at the beginning of this post? 

  • Celebrating simple things keeps us positive about our homeschools and our lives.
  • You can successfully homeschool while dealing with depression.
  • Homeschool success is all about your mindset.

Life is a collection of moments. Recognize the simple yet special moments and you’ll end up with a life full of celebrations. Communication and self-care make it possible to learn with your child despite dealing with depression. Ditch the “push through” mindset and you’ll see all your homeschooling successes clearly.

I hope you have a great weekend!


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3 thoughts on “Week in Review — February 04-08, 2019”

  • Thank you for this. Thank you for sharing how you handle your depression and homeschooling so openly and honestly. What you say is always so helpful to me, and often right when I need to hear it! I’m starting to wonder how I even did any of this before meeting you and reading you blog 😄

  • I’m so glad this was helpful to you! It’s never fun or easy to admit that this is exhausting work. And who actually wants to talk about depression?! But it’s very real. The good news is that it doesn’t have to stop us.

    I’m so glad we met and that our families have each other for encouragement!

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