The Daily Spark – 2019.02.07

The Daily Spark – 2019.02.07

“Comparing two homeschools is not like comparing apples to apples. It’s like comparing raspberries to dining room tables and celery to paint swatches.”

~Amy Dingmann

It’s so true. And comparing our homeschool to someone else’s is just about as worthwhile. Why waste time and energy comparing things that are so completely different?

TODAY’S GOAL:  Compare your homeschool life today to your homeschool life of a year ago. Are you happy with what you see?

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2 thoughts on “The Daily Spark – 2019.02.07”

  • Ha! I love this! The trick is looking around at other homeschool for motivation and encouragement without comparing. So hard!

    • You’re right, it is! But there’s no denying the fun of gathering inspiration from others. Aaahhh, women. We are SO not good at NOT comparing ourselves!

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