Homeschool Curriculum for Dad – 2019.03.12

Homeschool Curriculum for Dad – 2019.03.12

“There is a fine line between serendipity and stalking.”

~David Coleman

While I’m not going to encourage stalking a person, stalking ideas and experiences? That’s a good thing in my book. If you keep yourself in an observant and expectant attitude, serendipitous learning moments will always be flowing your way.

TODAY’S GOAL: Choose an area of interest from our new surroundings and make it the focus of your observation and expectation for the today.

NOTES: With the combination of our change in surroundings and the fact that neither of the kids is feeling all that great, take things slowly and patiently today. While it’s not vacation, it’s not normal either. Let’s see how this goes!

NATURE STUDY — 20 – 30 MINUTES — Man Cub & Tiny Tyrant — Start off the morning by exploring outside while it’s still cool. Grab binoculars and magnifying glasses (Man Cub knows where they are) and head outdoors.
Yesterday we took a look at Spanish moss and learned some new things about lichen. Ask Man Cub to show you our discoveries to get everybody warmed up.

You don’t even have to leave the property. Just quietly observe any animals and plants that are new to us. Use the binoculars and magnifying glasses to help the kids get a new perspective on what they’re seeing. Try Googling for additional information on new things you find. Make note of any questions we need to look up and answer later.

Head back on in for some water and get everyone settled down for the next batch of learning.

POETRY: RUDYARD KIPLING — 10 MINUTES — Man Cub & Tiny Tyrant –Pick up at the bookmark. Take your time. Give the kiddos a chance to look at the artwork before you read. Discuss any definitions and interesting language. Finally, reread the poem one last time.

WILD ANIMALS I HAVE KNOWN — 15 MINUTES — Man Cub — Have Man Cub grab this book off the shelf and head for the bedroom. He can read independently while you spend a little time with Tiny. Remind him that I’ll be asking for narration tomorrow.

Meanwhile, with Tiny…

PADDLE TO THE SEA — 15 MINUTES — Tiny Tyrant — While Man Cub reads on his own, you and Tiny will pick up where you left off in Paddle. It’s been over a week, so make sure you take a few minutes to backtrack and remind her what you were reading about the last time. Read, discuss and enjoy the pictures together.

MAKE SNACKS AND PLAY MUSIC – 15 MINUTES –  Make them each half an apple and peanut butter.  Have the kids tidy up books and toys while you make the snack.  Make sure the music you choose is music that will keep the kiddos in a mindset to work again.  Your best bet is for the last song to be a slow one during which they actually sit and eat their snack.

MENTAL MATH — 15 MINUTES — Tiny Tyrant and Man Cub — Spend 15 minutes reviewing and practicing math facts with the kids. Counting by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 as each child can handle. True/false problems for Tiny, math trains for Man Cub, and any other math games you can think up. Make it fun, and keep expectations reasonable seeing as they’re all keyed up about being away from home.

INVENTORS AND THEIR INVENTIONS — 15 MINUTES — Man Cub — Pick up at the bookmark and read as much as you like. Just for discussion, not narration.

OLIVER TWIST — 15 MINUTES — Man Cub and Tiny Tyrant — Read aloud to the kiddos for fun and discussion.

WIGGLE BREAK — 15 MINUTES — Each kiddo can have a banana (if they are hungry) and a big drink of water.  Have them go outside with Maizey for ten minutes or so (set a timer) and let them get some wiggles out. Give them a five minute heads-up before calling them back in.

SIBLEY BACKYARD BIRDING FLASHCARDS — 10 MINUTES — Tiny Tyrant & Man Cub — Have Man Cub grab these cards and meet you at the table. Together, spend a few minutes going through the cards for the eastern part of the country and pick out birds you think it’s likely we’ll see. If they identify birds they’ve already seen as we’ve driven around the state, cool. If not, they’ll have a better idea of what to keep their eyes open for.

THE WAY THINGS WORK NOW — 20 MINUTES — Man Cub & Tiny Tyrant — Curl up on the couch with the kids and have some fun exploring this book. Pick up wherever you left off and read another two-page spread. Enjoy whatever discussions arise.

LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE — 15-20 MINUTES — Tiny Tyrant & Man Cub — Let’s end the day on a calm note, shall we? Have everyone get comfy while you read aloud from Little House. I don’t think we’ve ever ended a reading of this book with people in a bad mood.

MAKE LUNCH & LISTEN TO MUSIC —  Play whatever music will make you happy while you make PBJ’s for lunch.  Have the kids put away all books, toys, art supplies and anything else used in the appropriate places.

WRITE YOUR AFTER ACTION REPORT —What worked well today?  What could have been better?  While the kids eat their lunch and play a bit, please write up your After Action Report.Look for Tim’s After Action Report Tuesday afternoon, March 12, 2019.

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