Homeschool Curriculum for Dad – 2019.02.12

Homeschool Curriculum for Dad – 2019.02.12

“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for by ardor and diligence.

~Abigail Adams

Most people have certain subjects that come easily to them. But there are always areas that require struggle and determination. That doesn’t mean we’re failing, merely that we’ll feel even greater accomplishment as we mark our progress.

TODAY’S GOAL:  Share with the kids a subject or even social skill that is a struggle for you to accomplish as a segue into conversation about working on their own challenges.

NOTES:  Before beginning with Tiny Tyrant, get Man Cub squared away. He’s going to work independently in his room for a while. Have Man Cub get his handwriting book,Courage Undaunted, and Wild Animals I Have Known and take them to his room. He should spend 10 minutes on Courage, 15 on handwriting, and 10 on Wild Animals. You set a timer on your phone as soon as he gives you the heads-up that he’s ready to go on the next subjects. Just shout up to him when he should switch to the next subject. He’s been doing pretty well with this, which is awesome! He should come back to join you and Tiny after you finish today’s Bible Lesson.


Spend about ten minutes having Tiny Tyrant read aloud to you from Kittens in BOB Books Collection 2. No rushing, lots of smiling, and when she’s done, you read the book aloud to her all the way through, albeit painfully slowly so she can see all the words she read.

Next, move on to Paddle to the Sea. Spend 15 minutes on this book. Savor, give her plenty of time to look at any pictures and tell back what she remembers. How is she liking this? How about you? Should I be scheduling this for when Man Cub is around?

Last section with Tiny is Bible Lesson. Spend ten minutes reading the next Bible lesson to Tiny. Just a brief reading and let her narrate what she liked.

POETRY: RUDYARD KIPLING — 10 MINUTES — Man Cub & Tiny Tyrant –Pick up at the bookmark. Take your time. Give the kiddos a chance to look at the artwork before you read. Discuss any definitions and interesting language. Finally, reread the poem one last time.

TODAY’S GOAL:  Work on today’s goal while the kids have their snack.  Share with the kids a subject or even social skill that is a struggle for you to accomplish as a segue into conversation about working on their own challenges.

MAKE SNACKS AND PLAY MUSIC – 15 MINUTES –  Make them each half an apple and peanut butter .  Have the kids tidy up books and toys while you make the snack.  Make sure the music you choose is music that will keep the kiddos in a mindset to work again.  Your best bet is for the last song to be a slow one during which they actually sit and eat their snack.

LIFE OF FRED — 20 MINUTES — Man Cub — First, set Tiny Tyrant up with her supply of pipe cleaners and beads. (These are in the grey box in the living room.) She can take out one package of pipe cleaners, the container of beads and a quarter sheet try to contain the mess. She can work on the living room floor or the living room table. Start by making a simple pattern of beads on each of two pipe cleaners. Encourage her to create repeating patterns of beads on those pipe cleaners. Let her know that they all have to be dismantled and parts replaced when she’s done. Alternatively, she can play with tangrams.

Now move on to the next lesson in Life of Fred with Man Cub. Read it aloud together, and complete Your Turn to Play.

BIBLE STUDY PREP — 20 MINUTES — Tiny Tyrant & Man Cub — Go over the material for the Bible Study tonight. Read aloud, discuss any pictures, and help the kids prepare comments for the meeting.

READ ALOUD PRACTICE — 10 MINUTES — Man Cub — Have Man Cub grab a book of his choice to read aloud to you. Just get comfy and listen. Try to stay mainly quiet, but note one or two specific areas he needs to work on and discuss briefly (one minute or less) when he’s done.

MUSIC BREAK — 15 MINUTES — Each kiddo can have a rice roller (if they are hungry) and a big drink of water.  Try to play music they will sing and dance to.  Let them get some wiggles out, and be sure to give them a heads-up when they only have one more song left.  Again, slower is better for that last one.

CODING EXPLORATIONS — 20-30 MINUTES — Man Cub & Tiny Tyrant — This explorer kit will have to be returned when you go to the library on Thursday, so let’s get a bit more structured use out of it while we can. The kids have been playing with it in a totally free-form, random way lately. I was thinking it could be cool if they programed the BeeBot to navigate around a couple of obstacles.

You could try setting up a wall in front of BeeBot and a tunnel for the BeeBot (with books or blocks standing on end) to have to go through. Man Cub knows that each run of the bot is 6″, so with BeeBot set in a specific place, a measuring tape and the obstacles laid out for him, he should probably be able to create a program to get the bot through the obstacles.

If you’ve got different ideas along this line, go for it.

INVENTORS AND THEIR INVENTIONS — 15 MINUTES — Man Cub — Pick up at the bookmark and read as much as you like. Just for discussion, not narration. Man Cub and I have been really enjoying this book. He’s been open to nice conversations about this book lately.

OLIVER TWIST — 15 MINUTES — Tiny Tyrant and Man Cub — Get everyone comfy while you read aloud or listen to Oliver Twist. What’s happening with the urchins today?

MAKE LUNCH & LISTEN TO MUSIC —  Play whatever music will make you happy while you make PBJ’s for lunch.  Have the kids put away all books, toys, art supplies and anything else used in the appropriate places.  Please make sure they get any books out of our bedroom, and that the living room table is reasonably clear for our afternoon meeting.

WRITE YOUR AFTER ACTION REPORT —What worked well today?  What could have been better?  While the kids eat their lunch and play a bit, please write up your After Action Report.  Look for Tim’s After Action Report Tuesday afternoon, February 12, 2019.

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    Once again, trying to force children to learn never works — so why do we do it? And a big final project with the Bee-Bot!

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