Homeschool Curriculum for Dad – 2019.02.05

Homeschool Curriculum for Dad – 2019.02.05

“What most people call serendipity is sometimes just having your eyes open.”

~Jose Manuel Barroso

We cannot possibly see amazing learning opportunities if our minds are closed to learning from anything besides our own plans. When we have our eyes and minds open to the possibilities surrounding us, we’re almost always pleasantly surprised. Serendipity frequently comes in the form of our conversations with our kiddos.

TODAY’S GOAL:  Plan some unhurried time working with the kids around the house and take full advantage of the serendipitous opportunities for meaningful conversations that are bound to come up.

NOTES:  Before beginning with Tiny Tyrant, get Man Cub squared away. He’s going to work independently in his room for a while. Have Man Cub get his handwriting book, Courage Undaunted, and Wild Animals I Have Known and take them to his room. He should spend 10 minutes on Courage, 15 on handwriting, and 10 on Wild Animals. You set a timer on your phone as soon as he gives you the heads-up that he’s ready to go on the next subjects. Just shout up to him when he should switch to the next subject. He’s been doing pretty well with this, which is awesome! He should come back to join you and Tiny after you finish today’s Bible Lesson.


Spend about ten minutes having Tiny Tyrant read aloud to you from Kittens in BOB Books Collection 2. No rushing, lots of smiling, and when she’s done, you read the book aloud to her all the way through, albeit painfully slowly so she can see all the words she read.

Next you two will start Paddle to the Sea. We’ve all been looking forward to this one! Spend 15 minutes on this book. Savor, give her plenty of time to look at any pictures and tell back what she remembers.

Last section with Tiny is Bible Lesson. Spend ten minutes reading the next Bible lesson to Tiny. Just a brief reading and let her narrate what she liked.

POETRY: RUDYARD KIPLING — 10 MINUTES — Man Cub & Tiny Tyrant –Pick up at the bookmark. Take your time. Give the kiddos a chance to look at the artwork before you read. Discuss any definitions and interesting language. Finally, reread the poem one last time.

MAKE SNACKS AND PLAY MUSIC – 15 MINUTES –  Make them each half an apple and peanut butter.  Have the kids tidy up books and toys while you make the snack.  Make sure the music you choose is music that will keep the kiddos in a mindset to work again.  Your best bet is for the last song to be a slow one during which they actually sit and eat their snack.

LIFE OF FRED — 20 MINUTES — Man Cub — First, set Tiny Tyrant up with her supply of pipe cleaners and beads. (These are in the grey box in the living room.) She can take out one package of pipe cleaners, the container of beads and a quarter sheet try to contain the mess. She can work on the living room floor or the living room table. Start by making a simple pattern of beads on each of two pipe cleaners. Encourage her to create repeating patterns of beads on those pipe cleaners. Let her know that they all have to be dismantled and parts replaced when she’s done. Alternatively, she can play with tangrams.

Now move on to the next lesson in Life of Fred with Man Cub. Read it aloud together, and complete Your Turn to Play.

THE ELEMENTS — 15-20 MINUTES — Man Cub & Tiny Tyrant — Pick up wherever you left off and spend some time exploring the elements together. Find the appropriate card(s) from the Photographic Deck of the Elements and let Tiny handle those while you’re focusing on the book. Follow whatever interesting trains of thought present themselves.

MUSIC APPRECIATION — 15 MINUTES — Tiny Tyrant & Man Cub — Continuing with the appreciation of Dave Brubeck (woohoo!), listen to Take Five with the kiddos. There’s so much to notice, appreciate and enjoy here. Take as much time as you all like to listen, talk and (in Tiny’s case anyway) dance to this song. See where music and serendipity take you today!

MUSIC BREAK — 15 MINUTES — Each kiddo can have an orange and/or slices of cheddar cheese (if they are hungry) and a big drink of water.  Try to play music they will sing and dance to.  Let them get some wiggles out, and be sure to give them a heads-up when they only have one more song left.  Again, slower is better for that last one.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN’S WORLD — 20 MINUTES — Man Cub — Have Tiny Tyrant color in one of her detailed coloring books at the living room table while you read aloud to Man Cub. This is for discussion, not narration. Share anything you find interesting and listen carefully to Man Cub if he’s excited about something you read.

INVENTORS AND THEIR INVENTIONS — 15 MINUTES — Man Cub — Pick up at the bookmark and read as much as you like. Just for discussion, not narration. Man Cub and I have been really enjoying this book. He’s been open to nice conversations about this book lately.

CODING EXPLORATIONS — 20-30 MINUTES — Man Cub & Tiny Tyrant — We checked out an Explorer’s Kit from the library last week. It’s all about coding. Choose from any of the materials in the black library bag to explore with the kiddos. They’ve both shown quite a bit of initiative in reading these books together in the last week. So, any help and excitement you can lend to their endeavors will the seal the deal of their interest in this subject. This is one of those areas that lend themselves to the fun of serendipitous learning…

MAKE LUNCH & LISTEN TO MUSIC —  Play whatever music will make you happy while you make  PBJ’s for lunch.  Have the kids put away all books, toys, art supplies and anything else used in the appropriate places.  Also ask all to cooperate with getting the kitchen tidied from lunch before moving on with the day please.

WRITE YOUR AFTER ACTION REPORT —What worked well today?  What could have been better?  While the kids eat their lunch and play a bit, please write up your After Action Report.Look for Tim’s After Action Report Tuesday afternoon, February 5, 2019.

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  • A day of important lessons. How do your lessons contribute to creating balanced adults? And a fun session of coding using the Bee-Bot to write their very first computer programs! With a video of the results!

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