Homeschool Curriculum for Dad – 2019.01.08

Homeschool Curriculum for Dad – 2019.01.08

“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.

~Bill Nye

No matter how smart you are, you can learn something from everyone. It may just be to learn their perspective of the world. Humility gives us the opportunity to be even smarter.

TODAY’S GOAL:  Ask Man Cub to share with you something interesting he’s learned lately. If you already knew the fact he shares, stop and think about what you learned about him as a person by his sharing with you.

NOTES:  Given that you aren’t feeling well and this is the first week of our new school year, we’re just easing into things here. Approach the day with cozy, restful learning in mind.

READ ALOUD CHALLENGE — 20 MINUTES — Tiny Tyrant & Man Cub —  The kids are each participating in the Read Aloud Challenge this month. Have Man Cub get Wild Animals I Have Known and read independently in another room for as long as you’re listening to Tiny. Meanwhile, have Tiny Tyrant read aloud to you from her BOB Books Collection 1 “The Vet”. No rushing, lots of smiling, and when she’s done, you read the book aloud to her all the way through, albeit painfully slowly so she can see all the words she read.

Now it’s Man Cub’s turn. Have Tiny Tyrant get out her farm animals (in the grey box in the living room) or drawing supplies and play quietly while Man Cub reads. He can pick up wherever he left off in his Hardy Boys mystery, The Secret Panel. Yesterday, he was working on adding accents to his reading, which was kind of fun. There’s a British character and he was doing a great job of giving him an accent while still switching back to his normal voice when narrating. Encourage anything that brings his reading to life. Don’t worry too much about lots of correcting. Just sit back, close your eyes and keep a smile on your face. This is for the love of shared stories as much as reading practice.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN’S WORLD — 20 MINUTES — Man Cub — Today you start a new book. I know how much you were enjoying George Washington’s World, last year for snapshot of the world it gave. Now we’re moving forward in history a bit, but continuing with the same breadth of information. Just read for pleasure and discussion.

POETRY: RUDYARD KIPLING — 10 MINUTES — Man Cub & Tiny Tyrant ––  We started in on this new book of poetry yesterday. Pick up today with “Verses From ‘The White Seal'”. Man Cub is familiar with this from reading The Jungle Book in the past, and he’s looking forward to this poem. Give the kids time to look at the artwork first. Move slowly through the poem. Review any notes and definitions included for the poem. Ask for any opinions the kids might have and include your own if you like. Read it through one more time.

BREAK TIME — 15 MINUTES –  Play the kids some music while they tidy up books, supplies and toys. Make sure the music you choose is music that will keep the kiddos in a mindset to work again.  They can have a piece of fruit of their choice.

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN — 5-10 MINUTES — Tiny Tyrant —  Have Man Cub gather supplies for Life of Fred and then draw quietly while he waits for you. Meanwhile, have a seat with Tiny Tyrant and her new school book about Benjamin Franklin. Pick up at the bookmark and read just one page. Take plenty of time, look at the pictures together, and ask her what she remembers from the reading. Put no pressure on her for major narration. This is new for her, she’s excited, and I don’t want to squash that.

MENTAL MATH — 5 MINUTES — Tiny Tyrant & Man Cub —  Do a quick review of 2’s and 5’s with Tiny. We’ve been working on 3’s to 30 as well. (She needs help from 21-30.) Ask her a couple of true or false questions if she likes. Have Man Cub do 6’s, 7’s and 8’s as well as a couple of math trains. This should be real quick, as you’re moving on to Life of Fred next.

LIFE OF FRED — 20 MINUTES — Man Cub —  Have Tiny Tyrant choose a story book from her school shelf to look at while you work with Man Cub. Move on to the next lesson, reading aloud together and working on the problems at the end of the lesson.

MUSIC APPRECIATION — 10-15 MINUTES — Man Cub & Tiny Tyrant — This term we’re starting with Dave Brubeck, which I know we’re all excited about. Jazz is just plain fun. Listen to The Trolley Song with the kids. First time through, just listen and enjoy without any commentary. Have fun exchanging thoughts and opinions on the piece. If you want, you can also listen to the Julie Garland version as an interesting comparison. How does the jazz version feel different? But you can hold off on that for another day if you guys are having fun with your own train of thought.

OLIVER TWIST — 20-30 MINUTES — Man Cub & Tiny Tyrant — Okay, easy last subject. (Like I said, we’re taking it easy today.) Gather in the living room. Have Man Cub gather his crocheting supplies, and Tiny her drawing supplies or farm animals. They can work at the table in the living room or one of the comfy chairs. Either read aloud to them from the Kindle or listen to an audio recording on Librivox. Everybody just relax and listen. Let this go on as long as everyone is calm and comfortable.

MAKE LUNCH & LISTEN TO MUSIC —  Have Man Cub make PBJ’s for lunch while you play music for all. Have Tiny Tyrant tidy any and all mess she has generated (which is usually an absurd amount!) as I will not have time to pull things together this afternoon. After they eat, they can play outside with Maizey if the weather isn’t awful, or listen to an audio book of their choice in the living room.

WRITE YOUR AFTER ACTION REPORT —What worked well today?  What could have been better?  While the kids eat their lunch and play a bit, please write up your After Action Report.

Look for Tim’s After Action Report Tuesday afternoon, January 8, 2019.

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