Homeschool Curriculum for Dad – 2018.12.04

Homeschool Curriculum for Dad – 2018.12.04

“A problem is a chance for you to do your best.”

~Duke Ellington

Problems typically feel…problematic. Challenging. Daunting. But truly, identifying a problem unveils an opportunity for growth.

TODAY’S GOAL: Identify the opportunities hidden within the biggest problem you encounter today and include a note on this in your After Action Report

POETRY FOR YOUNG PEOPLE – ROBERT FROST — 5-10 MINUTES — Man Cub owns this subject today —  This should be a quiet, calm moment in the morning.   First, let the kids spend a moment looking at the picture.  Read the title, then slowly read it one time through.  Ask what they think or feel about the poem.  What pictures does it conjure up in their minds?

Next, read any notes about the poem and give a moment or two for any comments.  Finally, let them know you’re going to read it one more time.  Again, nice and slowly, read through the poem giving special attention to the rhythms in the poem.  Wait a beat — quietly — before closing the book and moving on.  Try hard not to push any conversations.  Ask for opinions. Share one – at most – of your own and move on. 

THE BURGESS ANIMAL BOOK FOR CHILDREN — 20 MINUTES — Tiny Tyrant owns this subject today —  Pick up at the bookmark and continue on with Peter Rabbit’s learning adventures.  After reading a full chapter, look up images of any animals you’ve read about.  Make sure Tiny Tyrant has her fill of animal pictures and sounds.

GEORGE WASHINGTON’S WORLD — 20 MINUTES — You own this subject today —  Direct the conversations where you wish, just be loving when listening to Man Cub read and comment.  Explore as much as you like within the 20 minute time frame.  —  Don’t ask Man Cub to read aloud.  Reading aloud in addition to narration is proving to be too much for him right now.  Let’s focus on narration today.  Give Man Cub fair warning, so he can get his brain ready.  After he narrates each section, feel free to discuss as you like.

MENTAL MATH REVIEW — 5-10 MINUTES — This is a joint property math break. — This is just a quick review of counting by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s (Tiny) and 3’s, 6’s, 4’s, 8’s (Man Cub).  More math will come later, so keep this brief.

MAKE SNACKS AND PLAY MUSIC – 15 MINUTES –  This is a joint property music break —  Each person gets to pick one song.  Don’t use the time to answer an e-mail or make a phone call, stay in the zone. — Make them each half an apple and peanut butter.  Have the kids tidy up books and toys while you make the snack.  (Tell them to clean up like I’m the one watching!  They tidy poorly when you’re involved.)  Make sure the music you choose is music that will keep the kiddos in a mindset to work again.  Your best bet is for the last song to be a slow one during which they actually sit and eat their snack.

PHONICS AND STORY TIME — 20 MINUTES — Tiny Tyrant owns this subject — Have Man Cub read independently from Nick and Tesla in another room. — Tiny is currently in the throes of an emotional growth spurt.  This directly affects how well she can focus on reading.  Take this extremely slow and easy.  Start by reading a story to her, without asking for any sounding out!  After she’s enjoyed a story, pick out a few words she knows for sure to have her read.  Don’t even react to the inevitable sighing and poor attitude.  Just smile and look pleasingly expectant.  (Yes, it’s a thing, just imagine it before trying to make the face. 🙂 )

LIFE OF FRED — 20 MINUTES — This subject is for Man Cub — Have Tiny Tyrant play in her room or draw quietly at the bar in the kitchen so Man Cub can focus. — Pick up where we left off in Life of Fred, taking turns reading it aloud with Man Cub.  Complete Your Turn to Play at the end of the lesson, reviewing any concepts that are new or tricky for him.

KIDNAPPED — 20 MINUTES — This is a joint property subject today. — This is purely for listening and enjoying whatever comes of it.  If you don’t have the Librivox app on your phone, borrow mine.  Today, you are curling up under a blanket and listening.  You can feel free to discuss, but only at the end of the chapter.  Make notes on your phone while listening of things you want to discuss at the end of the chapter.  Man Cub is happiest just listening and enjoying.  Tiny can play with tangrams or color on the living room floor while you listen. 

SNACK AND MUSIC BREAK — 15 MINUTES — This is a joint property music break.  Don’t use the time to make a phone call, stay in the zone.  Sing along with the kiddos. — Each kiddo can have a clementine or grapes  (if they are hungry) and a big drink of water.  Try to play music they will sing and dance to.  Let them get some wiggles out, and be sure to give them a heads-up when they only have one more song left.  Again, slower is better for that last one.

M.C. ESCHER — 20 MINUTES — This subject is all you. — It’s time to share your excitement!  It seems like last time you did this with the kids it went much better.  Showing the pieces that you find interesting and explaining how they work really gets them interested.  This was evident from all the talking they did about it last week. 

Choose a few more pieces of Escher’s work to show and discuss.  Take your time and follow the conversation wherever it leads.  Have fun!

COMPUTER GAMES — 30-40 MINUTES — This is a joint property subject today — Give each of the kids time and attention.  I only scheduled two subjects in this last time block so you guys can spend plenty of time with this.  Don’t rush it. —  Using Lakka and/or Sonic Pi, spend some time with the kiddos using the computer today.   If you think you’d like to experiment with music with Man Cub, give Tiny Tyrant 5-10 minutes with the painting game first.  However, if Tiny seems intrigued by the Sonic Pi music concept, you can skip right over the painting.  Just test the waters and involve them both as much as possible so that they enjoy themselves. 

The Sonic Pi was such a raging success last week!  I’d love to see another video explaining what you guys learn about and create today.

MAKE LUNCH & LISTEN TO MUSIC —  This is your music break, have fun! — Make either pbj’s or ham sandwiches for lunch.  They can also have fruit if they want when finished.

WRITE YOUR AFTER ACTION REPORT —What worked well today?  What could have been better?  While the kids eat their lunch and play a bit, please write up your After Action Report.

Look for Tim’s After Action Report  Tuesday afternoon, 2018.12.04.

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