Get engaging learning ideas by always asking ‘How?’

Get engaging learning ideas by always asking ‘How?’

Need some exciting learning ideas? Get in the habit of asking “How do they do that?” and you’ll never be short of ideas. Ask that question about at least one thing every day and your whole family will be smarter and wiser for it. I found a video that’ll get you asking “How do they do that?” for sure.

This video on birds’ flight makes you stop in your tracks and stare. I was blown away to think of how many times these people had to ask themselves, “How do they do that?” to make this video. From the individual bird’s flight, to the flight patterns within the group, to the camera technology to make this possible, “How do they do that?” was intrinsic to each and every part of the process. I asked the question of myself over and over again while watching the video.

After you watch the video, ask yourself, “How can I do that?”, “How would it look if as a family we worked the same way as that flock of birds?” “How would our lives be different?” When you start thinking along these lines you go from knowledge to wisdom.

Isn’t it amazing how having the habit of routinely asking simple questions provides endless learning opportunities? Here’s to lifelong family learning!

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